Impact NextGen partners with families to develop young men and women who know, respond to, and act on the Word of God.


We intentionally and strategically provide dynamic services, supportive relationships, and opportunities to grow and lead.


National statistics tell us that the majority of youth leave the church when they graduate from high school, never really feeling a part of the church or having a relationship with the pastor.  Oftentimes, students are moved to a back room, and connect only with one another and never feel valued and become an integral part of the church.


At Impact, our students are honored and respected like adults.  They serve in the main service on Sunday mornings in worship, service production, first impressions, nursery, preschool, children’s ministry and other ministries alongside their parents and other adults.  We don’t hold them back or tell them that they have to be “adults” before they can serve God and develop their God-given gifts and talents.


David killed Goliath as a mere youth.  Why can’t God do the same through our youth today?  At Impact, they can and they do. On Sunday mornings you will find students serving in most every area of ministry where they are honored and respected as adults.


But students have a strong need for peer relationships as well, and on Sunday mornings, our Impact Students enjoy their own service, where they meet together for praise and worship, to deepen their friendships, tackle real life struggles and temptations, and receive prayer support where needed most.

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