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Curious about Impact? We designed this page as a guide to

answer the most common questions you may have before your visit.

We’re looking forward to meeting you – you’re already family!

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Impact Family Church was founded by Pastors John and Alison Larkam as World Harvest Outreach Church, Inc on January 7, 1996 at the South Austin Recreation Center...


Impact Family Church exists to reach people with the Good News message of Jesus Christ and help them become fully devoted followers of Him.

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It is the dream of a Worshipping church in which God’s love and presence reigns supreme in our services and in the lives of our members...

  • Where do I park?
    We have a designated space for guest parking near the front door. We want your visit to be as enjoyable as possible!
  • What is the vibe like?
    You're family already. We are Jesus people, not religious poeple. We serve free coffee & enjoy each other's company!
  • What do I wear?
    Wear whatever is comfortable for you! People wear casual to suits and everything inbetween.
  • Where should I sit?
    You can sit with us. Our team will direct you to a seat that is perfect for you. We won't make you stand up and introduce yourself to the class. Promise!
  • What is the music like?
    We have contemporary praise & worship.
  • How long are the services?
    Each service is typically 1 hour and 30 minutes. We promise to honor your time. We know it's valuable!
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