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Impact Family Church Police Outreach

We love our local police!

Our goal is to serve 120 police officers 😊


Please refer to this list as a snack guide for our local police. Please bring all drinks/snacks by Sunday, February 21.


We recommend buying in bulk! Sam’s and Costco are great places for buying in bulk.

Thank you for making an IMPACT!



  • LaCroix

  • Topo Chico

  • Perrier

  • Rice Crispy Treats

  • Trail Mix

  • Moon Pies

  • Chewing Gum

  • Chocolate Kisses

  • Mini Tangerines / Cuties

  • Cookies (individually packaged)

  • Fruit Snacks

  • Nuts (individual size)

  • Chips (individual size)

  • Beef Jerky / Beef Sticks

Police Outreach.001.jpeg
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